Men’s Club Rules

1. The acceptance of membership in the SCC Men’s Club shall bind each member to uphold all provisions of the By-Laws and other rules made by the SCC Men’s Club and to accept and enforce all rules and decisions of the Executive Board acting within its jurisdiction.

1. All members must complete an application for membership and have paid their dues prior to participating in any SCC Men’s Club events. These dues will cover the entry fees for many of the events sponsored solely by the SCC Men’s Club for its members and the cost of obtaining a CSGA handicap for Men’s Club members who are NOT members of Southington Country Club. These dues will NOT be used to cover any fees associated with events sponsored exclusively by Southington Country Club.

2. All members must obtain and maintain a valid Connecticut State Golf Association (CSGA) Handicap Card through the Southington Country Club. If you are NOT a member of Southington Country Club, this cost is Included in the sec Men’s Club annual dues.

3. If the total of a member’s SCC white tee handicap plus his age equals 85, the member may choose to play from the GOLD tees. All others will play from White Tees. Gold tee players will have their handicaps adjusted by the GHIN handicap system.

1. The SCC Men’s Club shall play by the current USGA and R & A Rules of Golf, except as modified by Southington Country Club, the SCC Rules Committee or individual event rules as published by the Tournament Committee. The Tees for each event will be stated in the event rules.

2. . Members must sign up for block time events event by 12:00 PM of the Thursday prior to the date of the event.

For non-block time events, members must sign up on the day they choose to play (Saturday or Sunday) prior to teeing off.

The first members to sign up are first to be included in the scheduled event. Late signers will be included only if space or availability exists. If there are an odd number of players for team events, the last names signed up will become alternates.

3. Do not sign up another player. It can only cause problems for the player or Committee if a mistake was made. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SIGN UP FOR EVERY EVENT OR TOURNAMENT that you want to enter.

4. If you sign up for any scheduled event and subsequently find out you cannot play, you must cancel off the signup sheet, call the Course, or notify the Tournament Committee, no later than 12:00 PM the day before the event.

5. Members who have yet to record a sufficient number of rounds for a USGA Handicap must obtain a valid handicap from the Handicap Committee Chairman in order to participate in any SCC Men’s Club net or handicap event. You must have an Official CSGA Handicap to play in any of the Major Tournaments.

6. The three (3) Major Tournaments sponsored solely be Southington Country Club and open to all members of the secMen’s Club as well as others determined by Southington Country Club, are:

  • Southington Country Club Member Guest
  • Southington Country Club Member/Member
  • Southington Country Club Championship

7. All entrants from the SCC Men’s Club must have played in a minimum of three (3) of the current year’s events in order to participate in the Club Championship.

8. Event formats will vary each week as best as can be arranged. The Tournament Chairman will determine the teams if the event is a blind draw and will assign all starting times. Requests for early or late starting times will be acknowledged as best as possible when individual events are scheduled.  Players are encouraged to call the club or e-mail the tournament chairman as soon as possible if they are unable to play in team tournament.  Reasonable efforts will be made to find suitable replacements.

9. In the case of TIES for the non – Major events, places will be determined by matching cards. This is for both Match Play and Stroke Play. The first tie breaker will be the best score of the last 9 holes (10 – 18). If there is still a tie the next tie breaker will be the last 6 holes (13-18). If still tied the third tie breaker will be the last 3 holes (16-18). The fourth tie breaker will be the last hole (18). If this doesn’t produce a winner, ties will be decided by matching cards from the first handicap hole until a winner is decided.


10. Rules questions will be referred to and resolved by the Rules Committee. When you come in with a rules problem try to tell the Committee what happened, not who was involved. If you are in doubt of a particular rule, you should properly play two (2) balls and report the circumstance to the Rules Committee. Remember, you must declare to your opponent what ball you will be using for your score if the rules allow it.

11. In case of inclement weather, a tournament may be cancelled by the Tournament Committee and rescheduled at a later date, providing there is an open date available. Otherwise, once play has begun, players must complete their competitive round on the day they have signed up to play unless the course is closed by Club Management. In the case of a temporary weather delay, players should remain at the course and be ready to resume play as long as Club Management has determined that the course will be ready for resumption of play within a reasonable time.

BE ADVISED: You must be familiar with the Rules of Golf. If you make a mistake or proceed improperly because you did not know or understand the rule, you face the possibility of disqualification from the current week’s event.

For events involving flights, flights are determined by the Tournament Committee according to the number of entrants and their Handicap Index.


  1. The rules and regulations of the Southington Country Club and the SCC Men’s Club must be properly observed by all SCC Men’s Club members. All members should be at the Clubhouse 20 to 30 minutes prior to their tee time.
  2. Tournament scorecards must be submitted at the completion of play. They must be legible, players properly identified, dated and properly attested.
  3. To eliminate disputes, you MUST MARK YOUR BALL and show your Markings to the members of the group on the first tee.
  4. All putts (other than in Match Play events where your opponent concedes the putt) must be putted out
  5. Rule: Rock or Root Relief and Playing the Ball “Up”

The player is entitled without penalty to lift, clean and place the ball within one club length – no closer to the hole – of the point where the ball had come to rest. This includes balls in standing water in a sand bunker. In this case the ball maybe removed from the water and placed in a dry area within the same bunker. This rule applies except for:

  • A: a ball out of bounds (USGA penalty provisions apply),
  • B: a ball in a water hazard or lateral hazard (USGA penalty provisions apply),
  • C: a ball in casual water (USGA provisions apply).
  • D: a ball in marked “ground under repair” (USGA provisions apply)